Traditional Grammar Instruction Not Working for You? Looking for a New, More Effective Grammar Curriculum?

This is Definitely NOT Your Granny’s Grammar!

I’ll show you an approach that will not only improve your students’ writing but (believe it or not) will make learning grammar enjoyable.

Your grandma, sitting in class 60 or 70 years ago…

She’s trying to keep her eyes open. The teacher just spent 15 minutes talking about grammar rules and all the places you should and shouldn’t use commas.

And now your poor grandma is supposed to be adding commas into sentences on a worksheet, but she keeps nodding off.

There are so many sentences, and there are so many rules to try to remember, and it is all sooo boring!

And when you look around the room, you see that it’s not just your granny. Every kid in the class has the same glassy-eyed look. It’s like they’ve been turned into “grammar zombies”!

Flash forward to today, and it looks the same in many ways.

The good news? Grammar doesn’t have to be taught that way. In fact there’s…


I Call it “Not Your Granny’s Grammar”

An irresistible approach to grammar study

I Call it “Not Your Granny’s Grammar”

Here’s how my approach is different…

Want to learn more about this approach and how you can bring it to your school? 

My Professional Development Model

I do professional development differently.

The exact details of my Professional Development Model experience varies from school to school, depending on the school’s budget and goals. But all five of the elements below will be present to some degree. 

  1. Goals & Learning Plan: The first thing we do when we partner is to co-create a learning plan for the school year, complete with goals for both the teachers and school leaders and metrics for how we will measure success. We then use our learning plan as a touchstone throughout the school year, circling back to it multiple times to assess and adjust course. Everyone feels more successful because they see the progress toward goals.
  1. Whole-Group Presentation(s): Our interactive whole-group sessions build community and shared knowledge. To make a significant shift in practice, we excavate the tired instructional practices and envision a new, a more student-centered approach.
  1. Classroom Visits/Modeling: This is the heart of my professional development approach. I don’t believe in just telling you how to do something. Rather, I show you by demoing with students.
  1. 1-on-1 Coaching Visits: I also meet with individual teachers 1-to-1 in their classrooms with their students. In a coaching visit, you decide the focus, sharing what you’re curious about, and I act as your thought partner. One teacher I worked with has described the effect of these coaching sessions as “a spa for the teacher’s soul.”
  1. Connecting Between Visits: In addition to everything above, we will also stay connected between visits. I know that consistent communication is needed to sustain the learning momentum. I’m always there for you as a sounding board or to celebrate something in your classroom (my fav!).

implementing instructional strategies

Here's The Bottom Line...

The specific teaching strategies involved in the Not Your Granny’s Grammar aren’t difficult to learn. It’s more about a mindset shift from top-down grammar instruction to a playful inquiry-based model.

And through my responsive approach to PD, I give you all the support you need to.

Just think, in a matter of months, grammar instruction could go from one of the most dreaded and boring parts of your curriculum (for both the kids and you) to one of the more enjoyable parts of your teaching.

Ready to learn more?

Some endorsements of Patty's Work

What Educators Are Saying About Patty


“I think the most wonderful part of having Patty work in our school is the model she provides when working with our students. The magical moments we’ve witnessed when she confers with some of our most challenging readers and writers inspire us to move our readers and writers in the same way. We have learned so much and continue to transform our school and teaching with Patty leading the way.”

Jennifer Meyer

Literacy Coach, New Rochelle, NY


“I’m so excited to get this unit in teachers’ hands. The strategies and the steps and language are SO CLEAR and SO DOABLE.  I’m certain this will shift classroom experiences to give students practical and simple (in a good way) steps to do the work to build skills and confidence.”

Liz Pappas

Professor, University California San Diego

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