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Writer's Workshop Made Simple: 7 Essentials For Every Classroom And Every Writer

Benchmark Education, 2021

Let’s face it…

Writer’s Workshop needs a reboot. It’s either bedecked and bedazzled by cutesy extras or done in a lockstep manner that hinders young writers’ natural processes.

Teachers are thirsty for guidance, and in this book, Patty McGee delivers a streamlined new vision. Each chapter brings us back to the heart of writing workshop while elevating practice with current writing research.

Topics include:

Feedback that Moves Writers Forward: How to Escape Correcting Mode to Transform Student Writers

Corwin, 2017

The number one challenge of student writers today isn’t word choice, logic, voice, or even grammar and spelling—it’s the belief that they can write.

In Feedback That Moves Writers Forward, Patty shares how to’s for teaching that changes the writing-as-obligation vibe for good. She demonstrates the way feedback can inspire students to reach new heights as writers. With Patty’s help, you learn to:

One of the bravest things we can do as teachers is to admit when a long held practice isn’t working. Error-focused feedback is one such practice. So put down the red pen, pick up this book, and learn to say the right thing at the right time to develop fearless, original, and intentional writers—in any content area.

Grammar Study Micro-Workshop

Benchmark Education

Grammar Study Micro Workshop: The Grammar Instruction You Have Been Wishing For (and so have your students)

In English and Spanish. So much more than dos and don’ts! In an entirely fresh take on grammar, this micro workshop combines exploration, reflection, and explicit instruction to develop skills in writing and communication.

Teachers are empowered as guides through an original recursive approach, able to strengthen students’ process, style, and craft.

Some endorsements of Patty's Work

What Educators Are Saying About Patty


“Patty McGee does it again with her unmistakable wisdom and understanding around all things writing. 7 Essentials offers an accessible and manageable (re)introduction to writing workshop, all the while preserving the natural cycle of planning, instructional techniques, and student independence and community. A perfect text to reimagine or reinspire the teaching of writing. Some of my favorite elements include the visuals and tools throughout the book.”

Steve & Sarah

Teachers reviewing "writer's Workshop"


“My goodness! After reading this book, I want to MEET and just spend time following Patty McGee around. I wish I grew up getting writing feedback like this- I can only imagine the difference it would have had on my writing identity and confidence. This book reads like a conversation with a mentor. Patty provides information, insights, and ideas in a clear and accessible way. She follows up by including language, students work, and charts to make us, as teachers, see how this will look and play out in our classrooms.”

Anonymous Teacher

Teacher reviewing "Feedback That Moves"

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