You’re Frustrated with Your Writing and Grammar Instruction and You’re Looking for a Better Way?

Let’s transform teaching and learning together.

I have worked with thousands of K-12 language arts teachers nationwide who have struggled finding an approach to writing instruction that works.

I consider myself one of them. I am a teacher who has worked through much of the hard parts, and I want to be a partner for those I work with.

Here are some of the issues we are all grappling with:


I'm Patty McGee

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First, let me assure you, these issues are NOT your fault. Very few teachers come out of their teacher prep programs knowing how to teach writing (that includes me).

So, what do they do? They teach it the same way they were taught. Just like their teachers did, and their teachers before them, and their teachers before them…

But there IS good news: It doesn’t have to be that way…

Because believe it or not, all the problems listed above are totally solvable!

People who know me have said that I have a knack for cutting through complexity and finding the simplest, most practical approach for doing something. And that’s what I’ve done with my approach to writing instruction.

I’ve shared this approach in my professional books, Feedback that Moves Writers Forward: How to Escape Correcting Mode to Transform Student Writing (Corwin, 2017) and Writer’s Workshop Made Simple: 7 Essentials for Every Classroom & Every Writer (Benchmark Education, 2021). 


But while I enjoy writing books about improving instruction, what I really love is working with teachers right in their own classrooms, modeling effective writing strategies with their own students.

I’ve found that it’s one thing to write or talk about how to teach something, but it’s a whole lot more effective to show someone, using their own students.

That’s why I do professional development differently than most educational consultants. Yes, I do often present workshops to large groups of teachers, which is only the beginning…

I also do 1-on-1 coaching with individual teachers, answering questions and providing not only the “how to,” but also the support they need to put the strategies to work in their own classrooms.

If my approach sounds like the very thing you’ve been looking for in your school, check out my Services page to learn more. I can’t wait to work with you!

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If you’re a teacher who has struggled with teaching writing and you’re looking for a better way, a way that not only works, but also reduces your paper load and is more enjoyable for everyone involved, I’m your girl.

School Administrators

If you’re an administrator and you’d like to support your teachers in gaining access to a toolbox of skills that will allow them to teach writing strategies effectively, model and scaffold instruction, and provide feedback that students will use to improve (and that’s non-punitive), let’s talk.

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If you’re an event planner and you’re looking for a speaker who is engaging and can speak knowledgably about a number of ELA topics, let’s chat.

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“Anyone who teaches ANY sort of writing (ahem, social studies and science teachers too) must read Feedback that Moves Writers Forward: How to Escape Correcting Mode to Transform Student Writing and take Patty McGee‘s ideas to heart as she explores the language teachers can use to motivate students in the classroom.”

Joy Kirr

Teachers Going Gradeless Blog


 “I HIGHLY recommend Feedback That Moves Writers Forward.  I have been teaching for 23 years and have had more than my fair share of struggles teaching kids how to write. This book explains how to help young writers hone their skills in positive terms. It offers a very refreshing perspective. I haven’t found anything else like it. The suggestions offered can be applied to all age groups and are realistic and “do-able” for any teacher.”

Tim Jefferson


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